Friday, February 18, 2011

Knitting Needle Case PDF Pattern by Skadoot on Etsy

It's hard to believe we haven't posted here since October. I hope it will be a good enough excuse that for the past four and a half months I've been busy working on another kind of creation.  Our baby boy will be here in July. Can't wait!  Now that the cloud of morning sickness has passed, I've had a little more energy to work on my sewing and knitting designs.  Steven is just happy that I no longer burst into tears and run from the room at the sight/smell of dinner he's made!
I had been shopping around for a knitting needle case for about a year, but none of the ones I found seemed right for me.  Most were specialized and only held either circulars, or straights, but not an assortment of types that I actually own. None had room for my other supplies. Many didn't seem to hold needles securley, and mostly they were just plain expensive! The situation with my needles and supplies was really getting dire, as you can see, so I finally decided to create my own knitting needle case that would work perfectly for my needs, and I hope for yours as well. 
This knitting needle case is perfect for storing an assortment of your straight, double pointed, and circular needles. Now you can store all your knitting supplies in one organizer. The case has a large zipper pocket to hold all your knitting accessories including stitch markers, scissors, measuring tape, tapestry needles, needle point protectors, cabling needles, and more. The organizer folds up and ties to securely to store all your needles in a compact space. If you'd like to make your own, the pattern is available at the following link at Skadoot on Etsy.